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Juvenile Justice Court Interventions

NCPCR is involved in the following court matter relating to juvenile issues:

  1. Hemanti Mallick vs. UOI and Others (Criminal Writ Petition No. 1437 of 2010) before the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi relating to trafficking of children by placement agencies;
  2. Brindavan Sharma Vs. the State of GNCTD, Crl. A. No. 927/2002, before the High Court of Delhi to Review of draft scheme of the Delhi Government for Financial Aid to Women in Distress Rules, 2012 and Review of the redrafted scheme “Protection Aid to the children of Incarcerated Parents and After Care Rehabilitation Grant, 2013” at the office of the Director, Dept. of WCD, GNCTD;  
  3. Naryanan Vs. State Govt. of Tamil Nadu, W.P. No.: 18556/ 2012 in the matter of incidence of child trafficking of children from Odisha to Tamil Nadu, before the High Court of Madras.
  4. Budhadev Karmaskar vs. State of West Bengal (Crl.) Appeal No.: 135/2010, before the Supreme Court of India.
  5. Criminal Misc. Writ Petition No. 20737/ 2011 in the matter of Rajkiya BAL Grih, Varanasi and Criminal Writ (PIL) No.4207 of 2012 in the matter of Government Children’s Home at Shivkuti, Allahabad