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POCSO Activities

Given the mandate under POCSO Act, NCPCR has initiated the following activities:

  1. Follow-up with States/UTs on implementation status of  the POCSO Act.
  2. Follow-up with States/UTs on implementation of victim compensation schemes.
  3. Information sought from State/UT Police through Questionnaire on cases booked under POCSO Act and cases being reported to district CWCs, as required U/S 19 (6) of POCSO Act CWCs.
  4. Questionnaire administered to State/UT Secretaries of WCD/Social Welfare/ Social Defense seeking details of cases registered with CWCs under POCSO Act.
  5. Circulation of the following basic informative documents among SCPCRs:
    • Advisory to Police
    • Child Friendly Procedures for implementing POCSO Act, 2012
    • Child Victim Charter
    • Pamphlet on POCSO
    • Guidelines for responding to CSA (child sexual abuse) Complaints.
  6. Preparation of Guidelineswith Lawyers Collective and UNICEF:
    • Guidelines for Police
    • Guidelines for Special Courts
    • Guidelines for Special Prosecutors
    • Guidelines for CWCs
    • Guidelinesfor Health professionals
  7. Preparation of IEC material.
  8. Review of IEC material for preventing child sexual abuse prepared by State/UT and NGOs initiated to identify best practices and to disseminate same among other States/UTs.