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Protection Function

Inquire into violation of child rights and recommend initiation of proceedings in such cases. 

Examine all factors that inhibit the enjoyment of rights of children affected by terrorism, communal violence, riots, natural disaster, domestic violence, hiv/aids, trafficking: maltreatment, torture and exploitation, pornography and prostitution and recommend appropriate remedial measures. 

Loop into the matters relating to children in need of special care and protection including children in distress, marginalised and disadvantaged children, children, children in conflict with law, juveniles, children without family and children of prisoners and recommend appropriate remedial measures. 

Inquire into complaints and take suo moto notice of matters relating to:  

  • deprivation and violation of child rights. 
  • non-implementation of laws providing for protection and development of children. 
  • non-compliance of policy decisions, guidelines or instructions aimed at mitigating hardships to and ensuring welfare of the children and to Provide relief to uch children, or take up the issues arising out of such matters with appropriate authorities